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How To Get Over Sleep Insomnia Naturally

How did you sleep last night? About 20% of people in Western countries are suffering from sleep insomnia. But with some simple changes, awareness and some new perspective you can come back to a natural, nourishing good night's sleep. This video is packed with tips,...

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Gratitude for All Things

    10 years ago I was in a packed out bar in Dublin, smashing down the ales and looking for connection. I started chatting to an old fella at the bar. He had white hair so I thought he might have some wisdom. I asked him to give me a piece of wisdom that he'd learned...

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Happy New Year of Dreams

May 2016 be the year of stepping out and leaping into your wildest dreams!   Have you made your resolutions and set your visions? Do you dare to? Or has life taught you in years past that no matter what you promise to change for the better, you’ll end up back in the...

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Choosing How You End the Year.

It's that time of the year which can get pretty crazy. When I was working in clinics I used to see a lot of people at this time of year who were worn down and stressed out. All of a sudden their back went out or an old pain flared up. "Hadn't happened since this time...

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