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This is a family recipe from Etai. For years it has been tradition to have it on a Friday night at the Sabbath family dinner. He remembers a time when his Ima (Mum) made it with mayonnaise (you could try it with vegan mayo I guess), but for years now she has made it with Tahini – good for us when we are visiting because it makes it vegan-friendly. His Ima calls it Eggplant Salad, in Hebrew that is, and if Etai says “baba ganoush” she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. (Ok, Im short on time so wasn’t gonna look up the meaning of “baba ganoush”, but curiosity got the better or me – Wikipedia tells me that it comes from Arabic and means ‘pampered papa’, haha, I’m glad I looked that one up!) Some people also go with the non-vegan option of yoghurt.


On The Road Variations: In tropical areas, you can make this with BANANA FLOWERS! Yes, I do get a bit excited about eating banana flowers. Just replace the eggplant in the recipe with banana flower and cook it in the same way. We do happen to be in the tropics…I’ll give you the full recipe for that one soon.


Massive eggplant in Israel

If the eggplant is as big as your head, one is enough.


4 (or more) 10 mins 15 mins



2 large eggplants

Juice of 1  lemon

1 clove crushed garlic

Salt to taste

2-3 tablespoons tahini



    1. Place the whole eggplants over a high heat on a grill, metal plate, or thick metal pan. You can cook them over an open flame, but not in the oven if you want to get the smokey flavour.
    2. Turn the eggplant every few minutes until it is burned on all sides – it should be black on the outside and very soft in the middle. Set the eggplant aside and let it cool.
    3. Peel the skin off the eggplant and discard the skin.
    4. Put the eggplant flesh into a bowl, add lemon juice and mash it roughly with a fork.
    5. Add salt, garlic and tahini.

Serve with fresh sourdough, pita bread or vege sticks.

This is great to serve with Tahini Dip which you can find in the Simple Vegan Recipes booklet which you can download for free from our homepage by clicking on the “Yummy Recipes Please!” button and entering your email!


Eggplant grilling

Beautiful eggplants getting blackened over the fire (Step 1). This is one we made in Guatemala.


Baba Ganoush

The finished product – Vegan Eggplant Dip – “Baba Ganoush”



Israel regular feast

Etai contemplating a standard feast in an Arabic restaurant in Israel – always featuring some Baba Ganoush plus more salads than you can eat!!!!



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