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 I’m feeling the LOOOVE from my Soul Family right now…

This mob of earth angels united from around Australia and the USA have just finished a three week Transformational Tour tripping through the north and centre of Australia.

I have journeyed with Jeremy, the tour leader/chief transformer, 9 times since 2010. Every time he brings together a group of beautiful individuals who are ready to open and deepen their love for themselves, each other and primarily the Mother Earth. Every time we go through experiences of joys, sorrows, acceptance and growth which unite us forever across time and distance. Every time coming back together, whether new members or old, is like returning to the warm embrace of family.

Margaret and Cynthia 2013

The warm embrace of family…Cynthia Jurs and Margaret Katherine on the Transformational Tours ETV trip to Margaret’s land in 2013.


This year Etai and I didn’t join them for the epic tour to Barunga festival, to see the Dalai Lama in Uluru, and to place an Earth Treasure Vase at Nawarla Gabarnmang with the heart expanding and earth connecting presence of the Traditional Owner of that land, Margaret Katherine.

But Spirit and Heart carried us beyond the physical distance and we journeyed with them through meditation as we sat, walked and chanted on retreat in Thailand.

They skyped me from Berry Springs, a hot spring just south of Darwin, where they were spending the last night of the journey. To see their glowing faces, to hear their bubbling voices and hearty laughter, to “be in” their presence was a gift which made every cell of my being vibrate in joy as I sat there in my hotel room in Chiang Mai. As they joined voices to chant mantras which they have sung through the land, the waves of ecstasy flowed through my being in all directions, charging this little living Earth Treasure Vase, my body, with blissful energy. Ahh, the blessings!


And so…it inspires this recipe…


On last year’s Transformational Tour to the Northern Territory people eating this dish were overcome with delight, giggles, wonder and bliss!

We were at Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs on the last day of the tour. After setting up camp we had bathed in the hot and cold waters, washing 3 days of bush dirt and sweat into the cleansing blood of the Mother Earth, scrubbing our skin with the quartz sands, sharing bodywork treatments and bathing each other as the drone of the didgeridoo merged with the babbling of waters.

The combination of these powerful healing modes worked its magic to loosen any lingering tightness of body, rigidity of mind or closedness of heart. Ecstasy flowed. As I wandered up the riverbank towards the 4WD’s to make dinner, all of the surroundings were more alive than normal, beauty flowed without and merged within. The smile could not leave my lips, the laughter could not but escape with each word.

“I’ll have what she’s having”, they said. Evidently, they did. The energy passed on in the food, blending with the joyous hearts of every helper chopping veges and collecting water. To watch the faces of people tasting this dish was a delight as sweet as watermelon on a summer’s day.

Camp Dakini

Therese flowing around the campsite in bliss on the Transformational Tours ETV trip in 2014. (This photo was taken before the hot springs bath…the dirt is caked on!)


I can’t guarantee these results but I’m fairly sure that you will be delighted as well…taste the Love!




watermelon grapefruit salad

Watermelon Grapefruit Salad….. Apologies for the poor quality photo! I didn’t take any photos of the salad we made on camp, I’m sure it was much prettier. This one was thrown together in Mexico earlier this year… I pretty much tore the watermelon into chunks…still amazingly yummy, and fun to make, but not such a treat for the eyes…The results are very pretty if you chop the watermelon with neat edges


On The Road Variations: feel free to use other sweeteners like honey or jaggery. I personally don’t like raw onion, so I just leave it out. In the case of making it for a big group I put the onion and chili on the side so that each person can season it to their liking. You can use 1 lime in place of ½ lemon.


4 10 mins 0



1 small watermelon

1 grapefruit

½ medium chopped red onion

1 small tomato

1 small cucumber

1 small green chili

1/4 cup chopped mint

1 tablespoon raw sugar

1/2 lemon, juiced





    1. Whisk the sugar with the lemon juice to dissolve.
    2. Peel, seed and chop the watermelon into 2cm pieces.
    3. Chop the onion, tomato, cucumber and green chili into 0.5cm squares.
    4. Separate the grapefruit flesh from the piths, discard the piths, and tear the flesh into chunks.
    5. Combine all ingredients together into one large bowl, with salt and pepper to your taste. Toss gently and briefly. Garnish with a sprig of mint to serve.

This is wonderful served with an Indian feast of curry and rice, or a Mexican feast of frijoles and guacamole.


watermelon salad bowl

And here’s something beautiful to do with the watermelon shell…make it into a fruit salad bowl and garnish with mint.




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